Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland is located under the so called „auroral oval“ which is an oval shaped region around the North Pole where Northern Lights are most frequently seen. From early September, all through winter and well into April the Northern Lights can be seen, but the best time is in the middle of winter when the weather is the coldest and when it is the darkest.

Best viewing conditions for Northern Lights 

Viewing conditions for Northern Lights depend on many factors including geography, weather and the time of day to name but a few. Northern Lights are potentially visible from every place in Iceland. Crisp cold evening with clear skies prime indicator for auroral activity. Remote locations, away from the glow of city lights give you a better view of the Northern Lights and their magic in the night sky.

The northern lights forecast from the Icelandic Meteorological Office can serve as an indicator for auroral activity and conditions for seeing the northern lights during your holiday in Iceland.

Check out the northern lights forecast