Perlan Museum Tour

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Duration: ~ 1 hours

Stand before Iceland’s largest bird cliff in the Westfjords without ever leaving the city? Explore a real ice cave without ever leaving the building? All this and more is possible at the Wonders of Iceland exhibit, which uses technology like augmented reality, an 8K planetarium and stunning hi-res, panoramic displays with 3D sound to bring you into the experience.

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  • Delve deep into a real ice cave where you can touch the walls and feel the cold
  • Stand in front of one of Iceland’s largest bird cliffs teeming with life through the wonder of augmented reality
  • Witness the celestial marvel of the Northern Lights in an immersive planetarium experience
  • Get an eye-popping panoramic view of Reykjavík from the 360° observation deck


  • Admission to the Wonders of Iceland exhibit
  • Access to the Perlan panoramic observation deck

Tour Itinerary

Welcome to the Epcot of Iceland! A magical dome filled with technological wonders and informative exhibitions. No matter the weather outside, the forecast always calls for an unforgettable encounter with Icelandic nature at the Wonders of Iceland exhibit in Perlan.

An Immersive Experience
Relying on some of the most creative and technologically advanced exhibit equipment available, the Wonders of Iceland exhibit is a truly unforgettable show, which offer visitors a multi-sensory experience with the powerful forces that have shaped Iceland and make its natural world so remarkably unique. 

A Real Ice Cave—inside Perlan
The most celebrated part of the exhibit is the ice cave, which is the first of its kind in the world. Built from over 350 tons of snow from the nearby Bláfjöll Mountains and at 100 meters long, the cave it large enough to explore with side passages and nooks and crannies. As visitors wander through the cave they experience a glacial environment in a safe and informative way. Free vests are available for extra warmth.

Bring the Bird Cliffs to You
The Látrabjarg bird cliff, one of Iceland’s greatest natural gems, is inconveniently located in the farthest reaches of the Westfjords. But the experience of standing at the base of those marvelous cliffs, teeming with birdlife, is made possible through the wonders of augmented reality. This part of the exhibit is truly transportive.

A Journey Underwater—No Wetsuit Required
One of the most popular stops of the exhibit is the massive, panoramic screen where viewers are surrounded by sights and sounds as they go on an underwater journey around Iceland. From tiny algae to giant whales, this captivating footage interspersed with interesting facts makes this exhibit both fun and informative.

Glaciers Exhibit
The top floor of the exhibit is a thrilling encounter with the country’s icy titans: the glaciers. With one of the exhibit’s most creative interactive platforms, you gain a compelling perspective on the history of these giants, the unique life forms that call it home and the bleak fate they face due to climate change. A look into the not so distant future gives guests a glimpse at what the world will look like when the glaciers are gone. 

Take to the Sky without Leaving Your Seat 
Perlan is home to Iceland’s only planetarium, which was built in 2017. This state-of-the-art dome theater is capable of displaying images at a dazzling 8K resolution, allowing the viewer to truly be immersed in the cinematic experience. Guests can opt to add the Northern Lights Show Áróra when purchasing the tour. 

The View from the Top
Lastly, the exhibit includes access to Perlan’s stunning 360° observation deck, which offers guests an eye-popping view of the entire city and beyond to the mountains that hem in Reykjavík. Signage on the deck indicates what you can see from each station around the ring, so it’s an excellent way to get to know the city and decide where you might want to explore.

Please note

  • Family-friendly tour
  • Food and beverage available for purchase at Perlan
  • Restrooms available at Perlan
  • This tour is operated by our partners


  • Children of the age from 0-16 years must be accompanied by adults. Max three children per adult.
  • Do not bring food or drinks inside the ice cave.

Meet on location

Perlan Wonders of Iceland, Öskjuhlíð, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

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36 1 hours

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