Lather, rinse and repeat

Posted by Admin on 24 Jun 2014

You probably already know about the lagoon’s medicinal properties, how it’s said that the chalky blue water is not only pretty to look at but soothing to the skin too.

You’ll also be able to quickly find your favourite soaking location in the 5,000-square-metre outdoor spa, whether it’s up to your shoulders on a bench in a little cave, or with a powerful waterfall pelting your upper back for a natural aquatic massage, or in that shallow but oh-so-hot nook at the edge, where you and your friends can compete for who can withstand the temperatures the longest.

I’ve never enjoyed a pint of Icelandic lager while waist deep in the water, nor have I enjoyed an in-spa massage in the VIP section. (Though, yes, I have been like countless others and abandoned traditional social decorum to slather my face in Blue Lagoon mineral-rich mud and then pose for photos.)

But the most valuable tip is the conditioner.

After following the entry path carved though ancient lava, past tantalizing glimpses of steamy blue pools, through the double doors, and along to the changing rooms, you will find dispensers of Blue Lagoon shower gel and shampoo / conditioner by the showers.

This blog is not a forum to comment on your Icelandic thermal pool showering habits, but I will offer one piece of advice: Apply conditioner, but do not rinse and repeat.

Then, enjoy the splendours of Iceland’s most visited attraction. Hide in the steam. Count holes in the lava rocks. Take selfies of your mud-caked face.

And when you return to the showers, rinse the conditioner. (And repeat.) Your locks should bear somewhat less mineral residue than those who have not been reading up on this must-see Icelandic experience.

Do you have other tips for maximum enjoyment at the Blue Lagoon?

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