Icelandic Phrases You Should Learn

Posted by Admin on 27 Feb 2017

If you are planning to visit Iceland this year, then congratulations – you have made the right choice! You are in for a wonderful time. To make your visit to Iceland even better, we’ve put together a guide to the top ten best Icelandic phrases you should learn before you come.

Or alternatively, you could just use them in the office, at home or in the pub just to show how clever and cultured you are. You’re welcome!

1.     Let’s start with the basics like – Hello. My name is…

In Icelandic this is Halló. (Ha-low).  Ég heiti ______ . (Yeh hey-ti _____ .)


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2.     Arguably the most important phrase to learn for every new location you visit is: ‘where is the bathroom?’

In Iceland, we say: Hvar er klósettið? (Kvar er klow-seht-ith?)

3.     Probably the next most important phrase to learn, particularly for the geographically challenged amongst us is: ‘Help. I am lost.’

In Icelandic, this is: Hjálp ég er villtur (Halp yeh her willter).


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4.     Alternatively, if you are not lost but you want to know where something is, then you need to say:

Hvar er _____? (Kvar er _____?)

Hvar er strætóstopp? (...strigh-toh-sto-hp?) Which is ‘where is the bus stop?’

5.     If you want to check how much something costs, by asking ‘how much is this’, then we say:

Hvað kostar það? (Kvadh kos-tar thadh?)

6.     Hungry? If you are in a restaurant and want to ask for a table for one/two, then use this:

Get ég fengið borð fyrir einn/tvo. 


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7.     Of utmost importance is the ability to charm the bar staff when asking for a beer. So, to say, ‘One beer, thanks’, it is:

Einn bjór, takk. 


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8.     Just like anywhere else, Icelanders appreciate manners as much as they appreciate the effort to learn our language. So, for pleasing and thank you, you need to say:

Gjörðu svo vel (sg) or Gerið þið svo vel (pl) to say ‘please’. Thank you is: Takk.

 9.     Your get out of jail card is obviously going to be: I can’t speak Icelandic. Do you speak English?

And for that, you should say: Ég tala ekki íslensku. Talarðu ensku? (Yeh ta-la eh-ki ees-len-skuh. Ta-lar-thu en-sku?).

10.     Finally, we are pretty sure you will want to say this one:

Ég elska Ísland, which is ‘I love Iceland!’


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How Gray Line Iceland can help you explore Iceland:

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We can even teach you some more Icelandic phrases as you travel – as our recent guest Lisa experienced on our Gray Line Golden Circle tour:

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