Come to Vík and Feel the Heat

Posted by on 21 Nov 2018

Iceland is renowned for its spectacular volcanic eruptions, and now you can learn how volcanoes work and witness the captivating spectacle of flowing lava for yourself. The Icelandic Lava Show sits in the middle of the Katla UNESCO Global Geopark in the village of Vík. Located in the south of Iceland, Vík is surrounded by the gorgeous evidence of Iceland’s volcanic nature— black sand beaches, basalt formations, mountains, and volcanoes.


Icelandic Volcanoes 101

You’ve heard a lot about Iceland’s volcanoes, and they can be seen all over the country, but at Icelandic Lava Show, you’ll get to know the inner workings of these amazing natural wonders and be transfixed by the sight of flowing lava. A short video introduces you to the basics of Iceland’s volcanoes, how they work and why their eruptions can be so devastating. You will even get to hear the terrifying tale of the 1918 eruption of Katla volcano.


Let It Flow

After getting the science and some of the history of volcanoes in Iceland, prepare to be astonished. Guests are advised to remove their coats and put on safety goggles. Why? Because things are about to get very hot and very bright! From an opening in the wall, and behind a safety railing, lava begins to pour into the room onto an ice-covered trench. The effect is shocking. The temperature in the room drastically rises as the molten lava flows in and you will find it hard to pull your gaze away from its bright orange glow. The lava pops and hisses and the show’s host manipulates the lava to demonstrate its unique properties. As it cools, the color of the lava turns, before your very eyes, from orange to gray to black. You may be in shock at this point but feel free to ask all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask about lava and volcanoes, the host will be more than happy to answer them.


See It For Yourself

The experience will leave you awestruck and you wouldn’t be at fault for telling everyone you meet about this amazing show. There are many wonders to be seen and enjoyed in Iceland, and a visit to the Icelandic Lava Show is one of them. Book your ticket to the Icelandic Lava Show and prepare to be amazed.

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