Clothes to Pack When Visiting Iceland

Posted by on 19 Jun 2017

It’s not your average holiday destination, so the fact that you’ll need to pack carefully and bring some extras comes with the territory. To help you organize your suitcase, we’ve put together a list of what clothes to take when visiting Iceland. 


First, let’s talk about the weather 

The weather here is not as cold as everyone thinks. It is perhaps milder than you would expect. The key to remember is that the weather here is unpredictable and changes quickly. Sometimes you can experience four seasons in a day. So, you need to be prepared, and your wardrobe needs to be flexible. When you pack your bag for Iceland, you’ll be preparing for beautiful blue skies, as well as lots of other eventualities! 


Packing checklist for a summer holiday in Iceland (May to August)

  • Base layers – your normal undergarments, combined with t-shirts 
  • Lightweight sweater or fleece 
  • Swimwear
  • Lightweight trousers – preferably made out of material suitable for the outdoors and are quick-drying 
  • Jacket – a waterproof and windproof shell jacket that will work over the top of your fleece or sweater
  • Footwear – hiking shoes or trainers that are sturdy enough for uneven ground, water-resistant and have good ankle support
  • Good quality hiking socks
  • Hats and gloves – you will need these if you plan to go out onto the water or climb to any great height
  • Smart casual clothing for exploring the city


Packing checklist for autumn/winter holiday in Iceland (September to April)

  • Base layer – thermal or woolen long underwear, including long-sleeved top and long john trousers
  • Swimwear
  • Woolen sweater
  • Waterproof outdoor trousers
  • Jacket – a down, waterproof and windproof version, with a cozy hood
  • Footwear – hiking shoes or trainers that are sturdy enough for uneven ground, water-resistant and have good ankle support
  • Warm woollen socks
  • Hats, scarves (or neck gaiter) and gloves
  • Smart casual wear for exploring the city


Other items to pack

  • Conditioner for your hair – the water has a high mineral content here and can be tricky on your hair if you don’t use conditioner
  • Good quality sunglasses – summer or winter
  • Sunscreen – summer or winter
  • Eye mask for summer – when the daylight lasts for almost as long as the day does
  • Your camera – extra batteries and memory cards, or the ability to download and store 
  • Decent day bag – perhaps a backpack for any day trips you do


And remember, whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!

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