The Game of Thrones Tour

From: € 85
Duration: ~ 8 hours

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan in Iceland, you’ll not want to miss a visit to some of the show’s most notorious filming locations. Since season 2, Icelandic landscapes and natural features have become hallmarks of the show’s breathtaking backdrops, including waterfalls, rift valleys, medieval villages and most scenes North of the Wall


  • A great adventure for GoT fans, newbies and nature lovers alike
  • Much like the show, this tour is not appropriate for children
  • Venture further inland than many other tours
  • Pass through the Bloody Gate at Þingvellir National Park
  • Follow the paths of Sansa and Arya Stark on their separate journeys
  • Relive the Wildlings’ invasion south of the Wall
  • GoT guru guides with behind-the-scenes stories


  • Round-trip transportation
  • Professional tour guide

Tour Itinerary

This tour takes you to some of the filming locations in Iceland where you’ll get to experience Icelandic nature just like the cast members: take in the majestic, sweeping views, watch dancing waterfalls, capture the panoramas in the distance, and experience the stillness and solitude.

Iceland didn’t make its debut in “Game of Thrones” until season two, but since then it has become a favorite on the show. After a visit to Gullfoss waterfall, the producers of the show knew that Iceland’s diverse landscape would be the perfect backdrop for some of the show’s fiercest and most dramatic scenes like Drogon the dragon hunting for goats, the Hound and Brienne of Tarth fighting for Arya Stark (only visited during summer season) and when the Wildlings and Thenns attack Olly's village.

We’ll also visit the Bloody Gate, which is the narrow passageway to the Eyrie taken by Lord Baelish (Little Finger) and Sansa Stark and later by the Hound and Arya. The scenes at the Bloody Gate were filmed at Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site where the age-old Icelandic parliament, the Althing, was established.

Various other scenes were filmed in the area such as the Wildlings roaming South of the Wall, the Thenns and Wildlings meeting in the canyon where Styr is introduced and Arya running off to find a ship to Braavos after leaving the Hound.

We’ll also walk around the settlement-era lodge in Þjórsárdalur valley where elaborate scenes were shot, including a certain hair-raising massacre of a village.

It’s a real kick for fans of the show to inhabit the world of Game of Thrones, but even those who’ve never seen the show will be able to enjoy the striking scenery on this outing. Winter is coming, so don’t miss out on this excursion before the white-walker apocalypse wipes us out!

Please note

  • CONTENT WARNING: Tour includes content that may be inappropriate for children and young people.

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Rating & Reviews

Game of Thrones Tour is a must!


The Game of Thrones tour was nothing short of amazing. I was with a group of 4 people in which I was the only one who doesn't really watch GOT and I think I enjoyed the tour more than the others! First, the tour guide was amazing! He was the absolute perfect person for the job. He was hilarious, knowledgeable and kept the whole 8 hours interesting. Every stop on the tour was memorable, picturesque and worth every minute.

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13 May, 2019 by Mrs Megan Hrubesky on Grayline Tour

Raven was Awesome!



11 May, 2019 by Mr Eric Pecenka on Grayline Tour


Our tour guide, Theo, was the best. He made a good tour great. Not your typical tour guide, but that's a good thing. If you get him the tour will be well worth it.

09 May, 2019 by Mr David Alward on Grayline Tour


GOT Tour was amazing. We saw some wonderful spots of the series. If you like walk on the steps of your GOT stars you should do this Tour. Our guide Theo was very friendly and kindly.

03 May, 2019 by Mr Maximilian Kert on Grayline Tour



Awesome tour!

22 April, 2019 by Mr Valentin Petrus on Grayline Tour

Amazing everything!


Theo was AMAZING! And the locations beautiful. So cool to be exactly where the actors were and to have a guide that was multiple times on the show!

18 April, 2019 by Ms Hildur Arnalds on Grayline Tour

Fun day for GOT fans


This was an easy to book experience with great communication from the staff on logistics. I enjoyed seeing the areas from GOT season 2 and 4, but wasn’t aware at the time of booking that the north scenes were too far away. Would have been nice for them to disclose. The tour guide was knowledgeable but not the R rated Theo that everybody talks about, so that was a tad dissapointing too. It was still a good day though—but should be listed as a 9 hour tour so people can plan. It’s a very long day. I would recommend it to GOT fans for sure.

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14 April, 2019 by Mrs Michelle Powers on Grayline Tour


Every aspect of this gorgeous tour was so well thought-out: from expert driving, to timing, to bathroom and snack breaks, and most of all, our tour leader Theo was an engaging and caring guide. I am recovering from a leg injury and he made sure I was able to descend into the canyon safely, and held my arm the whole way down. I will absolutely recommend Gray Line to all my friends visiting Iceland. great customer service. They are fantastic!

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11 April, 2019 by Ms Giannina Silverman on Grayline Tour


The tour was great. I used Gray Line three times while in Iceland. I had great service every time.

01 April, 2019 by Mr Tania Esparza on Grayline Tour


Guide was awesome and enthusiastic about the topic of the tour which made the day an enjoyable experience.

31 March, 2019 by Mr Jonathan Hague on Grayline Tour



Fantastic tour. Booked with GrayLine for the Game of Thrones tour in Iceland. Super easy to book online and super easy transport. Picked us up from the hotel and took us to the bus station to meet the group. Would use again.

27 March, 2019 by Ms Emma Raggett on Grayline Tour


Was fine and easy to book

25 March, 2019 by Mr Stephen Wilmshurst on Grayline Tour


Tour guide was entertaining and knowledgeable - booking experience needs to be more clear about the duration of the tour (I.e include travel time)

25 March, 2019 by Ms Michelle Mirtsou on Grayline Tour


Everything was perfect!

24 March, 2019 by Ms Tiare Maxilom on Grayline Tour

Fantastic all-round


It's was easy to find the tours I wanted and to book them straight through the website. Tickets came through to my email almost immediately after payment was made

22 March, 2019 by Mr Dane Lockyer on Grayline Tour

Theo was great guide


Great day out for GOT fans and excellent value. Theo was a great guide

18 March, 2019 by Mrs Jennifer Howells on Grayline Tour


I wasn't able to book the first 3 times I tried. Perhaps it was due to limited cell service. Nevertheless, no explanation was given. The transaction was simply aborted. More verbose feedback would be helpful.

18 March, 2019 by Mr Jozsef Kovacs on Grayline Tour


Great tour , great guide , a must do when visiting Iceland

17 March, 2019 by Ms Ann Doherty on Grayline Tour

The tour was amazing. The tour guide was excellent and knowledgeable


The tour guide was awesome. He detailed everything to see and was nice and funny. The sights themselves were beautiful and awesome.

15 March, 2019 by Mr Joseph Burns on Grayline Tour

Awesome time


The tour guide was lovrly. Very funny and entertaining And we got to see so much of Iceland this way. Good value for money in my opinion.

09 March, 2019 by Ms Aimee Mootoo on Grayline Tour

Very Entertaining Fun Tour


The pick up service works well although I really wish I did not have to change buses. The Guide was absolutely brilliant. He should be on stage. His 'dead pan' commentary was hysterical and literally made the Tour worth going on in any event. I know he has done the Tour many many times but the timing of his commentary made the day shoot by. Well done him. The Tour is expensive but remember we are in Iceland. It is, however, a great way to visit key sites on the island and be entertained at the same time. I also learnt a lot more about the TV show itself which I had actually seen. I would recommend this Tour to everyone but one must watch the TV series.

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27 February, 2019 by Mr Roman Poplawski on Grayline Tour


Kunnig och rolig guide som tog oss till spännande platser utöver de stora turistattraktionerna.

24 February, 2019 by Mrs Birgitta Rembratt Svensson on Grayline Tour

If your a fan of Game of Thrones, this tour is must do!!


This was a brilliant Tour! Being fans of the show, it was great to see where some of the filming locations were. There was also less tourists around which made for a better experience. Our tour guide Theo was amazing. He has been an extra on the show and has lots of stories to share. The 8 hours went by so fast, with two small tea/coffee/toilet breaks and then a stop for lunch. The bus driver was also amazing in terms of manoeuvring the bus over icy roads and conditions! For anyone who is a fan of the show this is a must do in Iceland! And I hope you get Theo as a tour guide! Thanks for a brilliant day!!

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23 February, 2019 by Ms Jessica Mcgrath on Grayline Tour

One for GOT fans


Amazing tour Thanks Theo

23 February, 2019 by Mrs Lorraine Traynor on Grayline Tour

Don?t miss this tour.


Amazing tour, very professional and try to book yours GOT tour. with Theo, an absolute mine of information.

22 February, 2019 by Mr Anthony Donaghy on Grayline Tour


Tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about game of thrones and Iceland’s part in it

02 February, 2019 by Mr Christopher Curran on Grayline Tour

amazing! must do trip!


excellent, easy to use unlike some of the other booking sites .

27 January, 2019 by Mrs Karen Gilding on Grayline Tour

The Best Game of Thrones tour you?ll go on


Me and my partner were excited to see all these locations but when we saw our tour guide was in full nights watch costume and was an extra in the show made it 100 times better - the guide made our day full of knowledge and stories from behind the scenes which made looking at these locations even more interesting, something that you probably wouldn’t get from a normal tour guide, Theo was extremely nice and took time to talk to everyone on the tour answering any questions we had. I can fully recommend this tour for anyone who loves game of thrones and even if you haven’t seen it as the locations and views are breath taking 10/10

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27 January, 2019 by Mr Andrew Heeley on Grayline Tour


This tour was a great way to see some unique sites of Iceland outside the major tourist attractions, and very interesting for any GoT enthusiast.

24 January, 2019 by Mrs Kara Schlifske on Grayline Tour

Excellent service


Unfortunately due to a family emergency I had to cancel, but the whole matter was dealt with efficiently and sympathetically. Because of the helpful and sensitive response from Gray Line, I will definitely rebook with this company.

09 January, 2019 by Ms Sandra Norton on Grayline Tour


Gray Line has a very well organized program. Shuttles are timely, comfortable and staff is knowledgeable and very willing to help. Drivers are skilled and prioritize safety before moving to the next stop. The Guide Theo was GREAT & very funny, offered the right amount of time for information and catching up on a little sleep while driving to the next destination. The tour itself is AMAZING and each stop offers ample time to explore, take photos and take in the beautiful landscape and sites. Caution: You want to make sure you arrive at a minimum of 30 minutes earlier at bus stop. There is only one shuttle that will pick you up and if you miss it – hail a taxi ASAP to go to bus terminal to get on the tour bus. Looking forward to visiting Iceland again in both winter and early summer! I would absolutely use Gray Line again! Thank you Gray Line!!

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05 January, 2019 by Mrs Kim Wildenberg on Grayline Tour

Tour guide Raven was great.


Our tour guide Raven was great. We had a wonderful time thanks to him. A great tour we would recommend.

26 December, 2018 by Mr John Murphy on Grayline Tour

Good, could be better


Online booking system was fantastic - was able to book the tour via smartphone on the way from the airport.

23 December, 2018 by Ms Jennifer Mullane on Grayline Tour


Gray Line has been professionally managed on booking, queries and communication. I have a quick response in any questions that I have and easy to make changes on my booking. I really appreciate it. Also, they have no problem to manage my pick up location which is not in Reykjavik. However, I don't really like to participate in the big group (big bus) as somehow there are some tour members are late. It is pretty difficult to run the tour. I expect that Gray Line should have more options for smaller group in every tour in the future. Overall, I would recommend this tour operator.

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19 December, 2018 by Ms Punjapha Pitigraisorn on Grayline Tour

Theo stole the Show!


Theo was the best!! He was so amusing and I loved his "backstage" stories. The sites we went to, were so beautiful that I'm coming back in the next couple of years but in either summer or early autumn to see it covered in green, instead of snow!

12 December, 2018 by Mrs Eleanor Bua on Grayline Tour



Great tour! Bus was on time and very comfy.. Our guide was great! Very friendly and full of fun facts about the show and Iceland in general. Would absolutely recommend to any GOT fan.

08 December, 2018 by Mrs Victoria Lopez on Grayline Tour

Buen servicio


Puntualidad y buen trato

07 December, 2018 by Mrs MARIA PEREZ DE LA CRUZ on Grayline Tour


Just a great experience.

06 December, 2018 by on Grayline Tour

A must for game of thrones fans


Really enjoyable trip, due to the fantastic scenery but mostly because of the excellent tour guide. If you're a game of thrones fan I wholeheartedly recommend this tour.

03 December, 2018 by Mr Nick Daly on Grayline Tour


Great service. Always on time. Easy booking.

02 December, 2018 by Mrs Cecilia La Fuente on Grayline Tour

Perfect GoT experience, including behind the scenes stories


Easy to book, straightforward.

02 December, 2018 by Ms Barbara Coty on Grayline Tour


Very easy booking, I only had my mobile phone with me and was able to get my booking done on it. I went for the game of thrones tour, it was very good and interesting. The guide was very entertaining and gave his unique perspective being an extra in a lot of the scenes he was describing on the sites. Good value for money.

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26 November, 2018 by Mr Christopher McDonald on Grayline Tour


Very professional service from the pick up and drop off at the airport to the coach tours within Reykjavík.

19 November, 2018 by Mrs Gillian Saddler on Grayline Tour

Wished we had more time to explore


Very easy to book with grayline

16 November, 2018 by Mrs Lindsay Craney on Grayline Tour


From a booking perspective, they could have improved it by automatically sending (or including in booking email) an iCal file to lodge the tour onto the customer's calendar. Also, the website could have provided a little more detail into the actual tour, and itinerary/locations

16 November, 2018 by Mr Kevin Foong on Grayline Tour

Good tour, bad guide


The tour was okay, filming locations were fine, but the guide made me progressively uncomfortable as the tour went on. He mentioned the "boobs" of a cast member several times including holding up a topless photo of her (with pasties over her actual breasts) from the show for an uncomfortably long time and spoke of his obsession with her to the point where he'd "kill everyone else in the world" to film a love scene with her (he was an extra on the show). He mentioned being french kissed by another man at the game of thrones wrap party, for some inexplicable reason. He also discussed eating breast milk ice cream and compared it to "taking a sexy bath with your cousin, so wrong but also right", told the men on the tour to "embrace your weird penises" (context: discussing showering naked at the blue lagoon in front of strangers). He seemed to be unable to read the room when happily telling us he liked playing bad guys as an actor and had played the "coolest" bad guys of all, Nazis. Then he went on to say he'd played roles where he'd murdered on screen a six year old (and regaled us with very detailed descriptions of how he "stabbed her", though he did at least have the decency to say it was wrong obviously) and a pregnant woman and an elderly woman. All of which, even though it was just acting and meant as a joke, wasn't really funny at all -- he kept going on and on about it. He also made a number of ethnic stereotype jokes (Welsh as "sheep shaggers", Irish as drunks, etc) and excused it by saying each time "it's a cultural thing!" He also made a number of "jokey" sexist comments about his ex partner, which as a woman, I wasn't impressed with. Finally, at one filming location, in the pouring rain and freezing winds, he kept the entire crowd there for 45 minutes whilst he rambled on about the different ways actors pretend to stab and punch and kill other actors on screen. It wasn't uninteresting, but it went on FAR too long and he again couldn't read the room and see that most people were bored and miserable and wet and not laughing at his sexist comments and "jokes". A number of the women looked particularly offended, me included, when he referring to kicking a female actor in the crotch as a "c*nt punt." Yes we were warned there would be obscenity on the tour and foul language. I'm okay with that. But this guide crossed the line on that many, many times and took it way too far, making so many distasteful and uncomfortable comments that it definitely impacted my ability to enjoy the tour.

View more

12 November, 2018 by Ms fionna boyle on Grayline Tour

Iceland is breathtaking and would recommend the tours - friendly


Golden Circle Classic plus the hot water spring spa and Game of Thrones tour - tour guides were good and helpful. Pick up was on time and drop off was to the same stop. Friendly and funny.

06 November, 2018 by Ms Sukie Virk on Grayline Tour

Tolle Aussichten, aber keine wirkliche GoT-Tour


Island ist eine so wunderschöne Insel - ich denke, man kann hier bei gar keiner Tour etwas falsch machen, denn man sieht immer wunderbare Orte und hat ein tolles Erlebnis! Unser Guide war wirklich klasse, humorvoll und "entertaining", er hat das wirklich toll gemacht. Dennoch kann ich nur drei Punkte vergeben, da die Tour für echte GoT-Fans an vielen Stellen sicher eine Enttäuschung darstellt. Der erste Ausflugspunkt war eine Pferdefarm. Hier sollten uns zwei Pferde gezeigt werden, die (kein Witz) die Gesichts-Doubles für die Nahaufnahmen derjenigen Pferde sind, die die Körper-Doubles für die eigentlichen Pferde der Serie sind. (Da nach Island keine Pferde eingeflogen werden dürfen, können die eigentlichen Tiere der Serie nicht zu den Dreharbeiten mitgebracht werden.) Selbst unser Guide betonte immer wieder amüsiert, dass wir also "the stand-in of the stand-in" besuchen werden, also "die Vertretung der Vertretung". Von denen, das schickte er voraus, eins heute nicht vor Ort sein würde. Als wir ankamen, stellte sich heraus, dass auch das zweite Tier nicht da war. Wir besuchten also eine Islandpferdefarm - was ein schönes Erlebnis war, aber rein gar nichts mit GoT zu tun hatte. Die Drehorte, die wir besuchten, waren toll anzuschauen und zu jedem Ort hatte unser Guide spannende Infos zu berichten. Sonderbarerweise erzählte er dabei immer wieder, wie viel lustiger und spannender sein Kollege Theo diese Tour macht (Theo war Statist bei GoT und hat dadurch vermutlich mehr zu berichten). Nach dem 4. oder 5. Mal, dass er diesen Fakt erwähnte, fühlte es sich langsam so an, als würden wir etwas verpassen, weil wir NICHT Theo als Guide hatten. Der letzte Ort, den wir besuchten, hatte rein gar nichts mehr mit GoT zu tun. Selbst unser Guide musste lachen, als er erklärte, dass wir nun einen Wasserfall anschauen, in den drei Flüsse münden, von denen einer mal bei GoT zu sehen war ... er sagte dann, wir müssen uns einfach vorstellen, dass das Wasser, das wir sehen, vielleicht mal bei GoT zu sehen war. Und lachte. Insgesamt hatte ich den Eindruck, dass die Orte mit GoT-Bezug nur für eine Halbtagestour ausgereicht hätten, man aber unbedingt eine Ganztagestour draus machen wollte. Was, wie gesagt, sich auf einer Insel wie Island ja auch anbietet, weil es so viel zu sehen gibt (der Wasserfall am Ende war wunderschön!). Ich fände es nur ehrlicher, dies in der Beschreibung auch genau so zu kommunzieren: dass es eben keine reine GoT-Tour ist, sondern eine Island-Tour mit GoT-Bezug.

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06 November, 2018 by on Grayline Tour


game of thrones best tour ever!

02 November, 2018 by Mr jeffrey skinner on Grayline Tour


I had an amazing time on the tour and all stops were planned perfectly. Our tour guide was hilarious and so knowledgeable and helpful

30 October, 2018 by Ms Andrea Phinney on Grayline Tour


I've booked plenty of tours for my Iceland trip and this was easily my favorite because of Theo alone. The sights were just a bonus. :) Would book again.

29 October, 2018 by Ms Vi Luong on Grayline Tour

Good communication but disappointing guide


Good communication with their offices,some beautiful places seen,but honestly the guide we had was a disappointment,not bad at all,but he didn’t seem to like what he was doing,which for a theme tour is quite not very nice...I can’t recall his name,he was an older guy. We couldn’t properly hear him talking on the bus ,he was not a bad guide or unkind or anything,but if you are guiding a game of thrones theme tour,you should probably be at least a little enthusiastic about the subject...I don’t know...honestly sometimes it got a bit boring...

View more

27 October, 2018 by Ms Claudia Cappiello on Grayline Tour


Booking was easy to navigate. I also chatted with someone before my trip to confirm pick up and received a prompt and friendly response.

22 October, 2018 by Mrs Lindsay Peckham on Grayline Tour

Awesome tour


Raven was one of the best tour guide I have had. He was relatable and knew his material. I would recommend this tour!

18 October, 2018 by Mr Thor Xiong on Grayline Tour



It was a great tour. Lots of stops to see beautiful scenery even if you haven’t watched the episodes. Theo was a guide describing the scenes and behind the scenes.

15 October, 2018 by Mr Deb Harter on Grayline Tour

Very knowledgeable.


I liked our tour guide. He was very funny. We really enjoyed all the background movie information.

14 October, 2018 by Mr Chissel Towne on Grayline Tour

It was awesome with a personal touch by the tour guide


Very organized and friendly

14 October, 2018 by Ms Adi Vitonski on Grayline Tour

Fantastic and would go again


The tour was amazing! Theo made the tour so much fun. He’s hilarious and so excited. I was laughing the entire time. The fact that he was an extra is so cool, and he had lots of good stories to tell.

13 October, 2018 by Mrs Danielle Sweany on Grayline Tour

Great fun! Great places to see!


Grayline tours is a great value. The staff in Iceland are helpful and kind.

12 October, 2018 by Ms Katherine Cooper on Grayline Tour


I like that I was able to choose different currencies and it was an easy process.

12 October, 2018 by Ms Aleesha Griffin on Grayline Tour


Theo was an egotistical bore. Talked too much, was offensive and needs to be replaced.

12 October, 2018 by Ms Cathy Simon on Grayline Tour




06 October, 2018 by Mrs Jessica Toussaint on Grayline Tour

The Most Entertaining Tour I've Ever Taken


If you are a true Game of Thrones fan, then this tour is ABSOLUTELY 100% for you. I have been on many tours with varying locations and guides around the world and I have to say this Iceland-GOT tour was all in all truly one of the most fun tours I have ever been on. The tour guide, Theo, in full "Night's Watch" costume, gave an excellent walkthrough of his time as an extra for various roles during the show's filming, took around to various filming locations prepped with pictures to demonstrate the precise (and beautiful) spots/camera angles seen in the show. In all honesty, this guy needs a raise for how entertaining he was (I rarely say that). His jokes were back-to-back and making everyone laugh! One fair warning to sensitive people though is that this tour, much like the TV show, is really much more of an adult experience as many of the stories and jokes told contained plenty of vulgar language, definitely meant for a very mature audience... although I personally feel that's what I loved most about this tour. It felt very authentic to the theme! Highly recommended!!

View more

03 October, 2018 by Mr Alex Rivero on Grayline Tour

Easy and straight-forward


Good experience, although more detail about the content of the trip would be great.

02 October, 2018 by Ms Erin Klatt on Grayline Tour

Off the beaten path


Very easy to book.. did it on my phone.

02 October, 2018 by Ms Christie Ford on Grayline Tour


Booking was very easy and they provided good customer service. I would highly recommend Gray Line.

29 September, 2018 by Ms Iva Tuzara on Grayline Tour

Memorable vaction to Iceland


We booked 3 tours during our stay in iceland through gray line, we were picked up and dropped off at our hotel on time each tour, each tour had a different guide which explained in grest detail everything we were seeing, the current and historical knowledge of everything iceland was amazing, we loved our trip to iceland and i would definitely recommend gray line to everyone

View more

24 September, 2018 by Mr KEVIN PAIVA on Grayline Tour

Theo makes this tour exceptional.


The booking process was easy.

23 September, 2018 by Mr Austin Barton on Grayline Tour

Fun tour. I'd do it again.


This tour was cheesy and I loved it. It was exactly what I wanted it or be. I got to see some of the sights and learn some Icelandic and GoT history.

23 September, 2018 by Ms Alicia Battershell on Grayline Tour


Should make booking online 5% off automatically instead of advertising a coupon.

22 September, 2018 by Ms Debbie Fong on Grayline Tour



19 September, 2018 by Mr c/o Dawn Mills David Beck on Grayline Tour

Choose another guide


The guide was crude and inappropriate, even making racially offensive remarks when we had people of colour on our trip. She ridiculed what people were photographing and constantly referred to Iceoand as being superior to other countries. It was tiresome and screamed insecurity loudly. She was also constantly sharing personal information when all we wanted was Game of Thrones information. She made me uncomfortable and I was glad when the trip was over.

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15 September, 2018 by Ms Carol Hall on Grayline Tour


Theo was awesome. Informative and he really should be a standup comic. We’re still cracking up over some of his jokes. Great time.

06 September, 2018 by Mrs Jana Wolfer on Grayline Tour


Very nice! Easy order - easy use:)

01 September, 2018 by Mr Kristaps Spruds on Grayline Tour


Booking was easy.

29 August, 2018 by Mr Adam VanSpankeren on Grayline Tour

Theo made this tour a great experience.


I took the Game of Thrones tour with Theo as the tour guide, and he made the whole experience just outstanding. He was funny, personable, and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I would highly recommend the tour to anyone who enjoys Game of Thrones.

26 August, 2018 by Ms Sylvia Rowe on Grayline Tour


The Game of Thrones tour was excellent. The guide was very talkative, friendly and knowledgeable enough to keep us entertained all the day.

22 August, 2018 by Mr Masashi Harikae on Grayline Tour

Fun Tour, More than you might expect!


We enjoyed the Game of Thrones Tour. It is definitely not for younger children or those offended by strong language. At times it was a bit much even for a group of adults. Our guide was in character and funny, entertaining as well as very knowledgable about the areas we visited and general questions about Iceland and it's history. Our driver was great as well. We used Grayline Tours for almost all of our experiences during our week in Iceland and they were great.

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21 August, 2018 by Mrs Tracy Heine on Grayline Tour


Booked 3 trips with Gray Line - Game of Thrones, Golden Circle and Glacier Hike Adventure; also an airport transfer. All excursions were easy to book using site and pay for and guides on all of them were incredible!

19 August, 2018 by Mr Nikita Minaev on Grayline Tour


Quick and easy online booking

18 August, 2018 by Mr Simon Lee on Grayline Tour

Really fun day!


A+ for both our tour guide and bus driver - who had to deal with a flat tire but handled it very well. Loved hearing Theo’s Stories and perspectives, he made the tour come alive!

17 August, 2018 by Mrs Jorgine Ellerbrock on Grayline Tour


Our tour guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic! Great locations - we were the only group at many of the stops.

16 August, 2018 by Mr Brian McGinn on Grayline Tour

Can't go wrong


Excellent company to deal with, was picked up right on time. Booking was easy and my tour was fascinating. Pricing was very fair for everything that we got to see on the tour.

15 August, 2018 by Mr Drake Kress on Grayline Tour

Always On Time


Picked up on time and it was a mall group. Guide Theo was excellent and even dressed up as John Snow. He was a. Extra on the Series so we got an insight into lot of characters

13 August, 2018 by Mrs Carryn Sullivan on Grayline Tour

Great tour!


DeDe was a great tour guide! She was entertaining and knowledgeable. We had a great time!

11 August, 2018 by Mrs Dipti Scardino on Grayline Tour

We love Iceland!


The tour was smooth sailing from start to finish. Perfect! The tours were excellent. A van picked us up at our hotel and delivered us to the tour bus and the bus dropped us off at the hotel when the tour ended.

04 August, 2018 by Mrs Andrea Breitkopf on Grayline Tour

Excellent tour guide!


DeeDee was an amazing guide. Her enthusiasm and sense of humor really made the tour stand out from others we've been on. Definitely recommend for fans of the show, but I think others would have just as much fun too!

03 August, 2018 by Mr Steven Leduc on Grayline Tour

BEST Iceland Tour


This tour was AMAZING and compared to the Golden Circle Tour, much more intimate and scenic. Breath-taking with fun commentary the whole way!

24 July, 2018 by Ms Chloe Davidson on Grayline Tour


Theo was spectacular!!

22 July, 2018 by Ms Morgan McLaughlin on Grayline Tour



15 July, 2018 by Mr Collin Drake on Grayline Tour


Theo, our guide, was absolutely awesome. Best guided tour we have ever had. He was so knowledgeable and SO funny!’ Would highly recommend

15 July, 2018 by Ms Susan Winkel on Grayline Tour

GOT Tour a must do in Iceland


The website is easy to navigate and the customer response to questions is very quick.

14 July, 2018 by Mrs Elsie Robinson on Grayline Tour


Great tour guides and great tour!

10 July, 2018 by Ms Sara Davis on Grayline Tour


Would absolutely recommend this tour, even if your are not fan of the show. The guide was very entertaining and he was dressed in character.

10 July, 2018 by Ms Sharlene Kumaradas on Grayline Tour

Fantastic tour


I have used them yearly since 2011 and will use them again on my next visit.

06 July, 2018 by Mrs Gry Tinnesand on Grayline Tour

Aurait pu voir plus


L'autobus était pas autant bien que celui de l'autre excursion (Golden Circle et Blue Lagoon)... J'ai trouve cela cher pour ce qu'on a seulement vu.....

03 July, 2018 by Mrs Anna Jakimowicz on Grayline Tour


Online was no problem and it was very clear where we needed to be for pickup

02 July, 2018 by Mr Matt Billiter on Grayline Tour


Great guide and great service in bringing me to the tour!

27 June, 2018 by Ms Sharon Don on Grayline Tour

Easy to Book


It was easy. That's pretty much all I want out of an online booking experience.

27 June, 2018 by Ms Toni Kelner on Grayline Tour


The Guide for this tour was great and were able to provide an interesting GoT experience.

19 June, 2018 by Mr Gregory Fernandez on Grayline Tour

More than we bargained for in the best way possible!!


Everything went smoothly and they took the credit card we wanted to use

11 June, 2018 by Mrs Jessica Ellis on Grayline Tour

Fantastic tour!


This tour was excellent! Our tour guide Dee Dee was not only a Game of Thrones pro but also gave us lots of wonderful information on the history and culture of Iceland as well as other movies and tv shows that were filmed there! We wanted to tip Dee Dee but unfortunately couldn’t find an ATM when we were out and about :( (we owe you a beer Dee Dee!). We covered a lot of ground for a one day tour and the filming sight locations were incredible! Absolutely recommend this tour :)

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02 June, 2018 by Ms Stephanie Rinehart on Grayline Tour


The guide was nice, very informative, answered questions that we had.

26 May, 2018 by Mr BRIAN ANGELINE on Grayline Tour

Great day out


It was straightforward and gave enough detail. Electronic ticket arrived promptly.

21 May, 2018 by Ms Carolyne Larrington on Grayline Tour


Easy booking. No hassles. Everything was very clear.

20 May, 2018 by Mr David Johnston on Grayline Tour



Booking online was easy

15 May, 2018 by Mrs Susan R Petro on Grayline Tour

Great experience and very fun "Game of Thrones tour"- a must for GOT fans


The Game of Thrones day tour: A straightforward professional day tour for GOT fans and nerds. Our guide Theo, managed to combine his own personal style with many stories and legends and glorious views of the Icelandic countryside (as well as a horse farm). We stayed in some places where Theo was able to reproduce the feeling and intensity of different GOT scenes, making it easy for you to recognize. Great experience and lovely humor. This trip is not for people who haven´t seen the Game of Thrones series, puritans or people who totally lack humor. We had a fantastic day with Theo and got taste for more tours of this kind in the future. Thanks to Theo and the nice driver. //Swedish, Diana 7 maj 2018

View more

10 May, 2018 by Ms Diana Sylvana Guarda Canet on Grayline Tour

Great tour


Fun tour and Teo, our guide, was hysterical, informative and engaging

04 May, 2018 by Mrs Monica Cardenas on Grayline Tour

It's 4:44 a.m., and I'm writing this review :-) Gray Line did well.


Loved the experience, and would use Gray Line Iceland again when I'm back to Iceland. The tour guide (Raven, on the Game of Thrones tour), as well as the driver were superb. I've also taken the City tour, and the driver/tour guide was also superb.

01 May, 2018 by Mr Mohammad Al-Abdullah on Grayline Tour


Theo was great! Our driver was great. The entire experience was superb. Will definitely be booking again.

30 April, 2018 by Mr Jaime Villarreal on Grayline Tour



This tour was very easy to book up to payment! Room of improvement is to upload more pictures of the destination so viewers will be excited and interested in joining the GOT tour! ^o^

23 April, 2018 by Mrs RINA YUANDHA DEWI on Grayline Tour


Friendly and amusing guide, skilled driver, and some interesting sites visited. A good introduction to some of the scenery of Iceland not too far from Reykjavik while getting a bit of GOT trivia.

19 April, 2018 by Ms Maxine Mellor on Grayline Tour

An unforgettable experience


The tour was fantastic. We were three people but our tour guide Didi had made it very fun and intimate rather than other larger tours. It was very informative and interesting and an overall fantastic experience. I have already and will continue to recommend this tour and or course recommend grayline for their great staff.

View more

17 April, 2018 by Mr Jasser Al-Hilaly on Grayline Tour


This tour takes to you to many beautiful spots not swamped with tourists.

08 April, 2018 by Mrs Megan Riddell on Grayline Tour

El juego del clima en Islandia


Me ha gustado mucho el servicio que ofrecen, todo a tiempo, muy serviciales todos, la información que ofrecen los guías es excelente. Considero que si regreso a Islandia, volveré a contactarlos.

07 April, 2018 by Ms Maricela Rodriguez on Grayline Tour


This tour from beginning to end was what we were hoping for. My husband is a true Game of Thrones fan and was very pleased with the day.

01 April, 2018 by Mrs Caroline Karolewicz on Grayline Tour

Best tour guide evah!


A highlight of my Iceland vacation. Theo is a fantastic and very entertaining tour guide. The king in the north!

01 April, 2018 by Mr Paul Sevilla on Grayline Tour

Amazing tour off the beaten track...


Really well organised tour, all of the transport was on time and really efficient. Simple and easy to book.

26 March, 2018 by Ms Grace Travis on Grayline Tour

Game of Thrones Tour is awesome


Very easy to book online. The tour guide for the Game of Thrones tour, Didi, was awesome and very enthusiastic.

18 March, 2018 by Mr Tate Smith on Grayline Tour


Booking tours was easy and convenient

09 March, 2018 by Ms SARAH SHUTT on Grayline Tour


Simple and easy.

05 March, 2018 by Ms Sarah Crockett on Grayline Tour

Great tour


Tour guide very knowledgeable, coach comfortable, met expectations & suggested to other's.

02 March, 2018 by Ms Karen Smout on Grayline Tour

Greyline service


Pick up and drop off to your hotel, staff very pleasant. Tour guides very knowledgeable and entertaining which made the long tours enjoyeable. When I travel to Iceland again I will be booking with Greyline again

22 February, 2018 by Mr Lisa Murray on Grayline Tour

Amazing GoT tour


The bus driver was incredible. And the tour guide was captivating. The GoT tour during winter was gorgeous and would definitely recommend.

22 February, 2018 by Mr Donald Sobanko on Grayline Tour

Great tour


We used gray line for all our trips as they offered the best value for money. This day trip was postponed for one day because of the weather but was easy to arrange for the following day. Great tour guide-Theo. It helps if you have watched GOT

21 February, 2018 by Mrs Anne Clancey on Grayline Tour

Great GOT tour in the snow


A Simple and straight foward hassle free online system.

20 February, 2018 by Mr David Ashton on Grayline Tour


The bus got stuck in the snow for 2 hours and needed the people on the bus to help dig out of the snow and the bus only had 1 shovel. Then, we went to another stop and the gate wouldn't open so they had everyone climb over the gate. There was a major site that we couldn't see because of being stuck for 2 hours. I understand they can't control the weather but the price of the tour was not cheap and had us help dig out of the snow, climb over a gate to get to another site and missed an interesting site and still had to pay the full price.

View more

12 February, 2018 by Ms Shaun Powell on Grayline Tour



Awesome experience. Guides made the tour fun.

11 February, 2018 by Mr Shanese Jefferson on Grayline Tour


Great guide. I would like more locations

10 February, 2018 by Mr Juan Andres Ferreyra Letamendia on Grayline Tour

Game of thrones tour


Excellent service and tour guide Dee D, she was brilliant. The bus got stuck in the snow which just added to the adventure!

09 February, 2018 by Mrs Julie Whiting on Grayline Tour


Everything was amazing. And easy to get. Theo our guide was awesome, very informative and entertaining. The driver was safe and responsible. Fun game of thrones tour and sites!

07 February, 2018 by Mr Dennis Vorobyov on Grayline Tour


Tour guide was an absolute pleasure, the Morgan Freeman of Iceland. This tour made my trip to Iceland.

07 February, 2018 by Mr Marcus Ormerwood on Grayline Tour

Guide made the tour!


It was an excellent trip and because the guide was an Uber fan, she made a good trip fantastic!

05 February, 2018 by Mr Timothy O'Dell on Grayline Tour

Poor experience, decent customer service.


Our tour was cancelled due to inclement weather. The company cannot change the weather, but gray line also failed to offer us any similar tour on another day. The customer service representatives were very kind. The tour we ended up on was overcrowded and the guide was boring.

04 February, 2018 by Mrs Sarah Church on Grayline Tour

Pricey, but good for seeing the glacier lagoon


The glacier lagoon was the sole reason I booked this trip and tour was ok but there was too much French speaking from the tour guide, on the way there, to the point it made me really tired and I put my ear phones in. It was hard to follow what he was saying as there was lots of chopping and changing between English and French. It would also have been nice to pull over when there were other photo opportunities on the way. Could have been a bit more ‘fun’.

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04 February, 2018 by Ms Stacey Wilkinson on Grayline Tour


The locations were very good. The tour guide, Theo, was great! Funny, informative and some great behind the scene stories.

31 January, 2018 by Mr Charles Cira on Grayline Tour



The tour was amazing but to be honest it would not have been half as fun if we didn't have the tour guide that we did have. He was funny, charming and full of knowledge about more than just the show. A great entertainer and not just a boring tour guide. We will definitely recommend his specific tour to everyone. #thenorthremembers

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31 January, 2018 by Ms Anneika Barnes on Grayline Tour

A must tour for all of Game of Thrones fan


I have used Grayline in Iceland for many years and will use them again.

28 January, 2018 by Mrs Gry Tinnesand on Grayline Tour

Great Tour


Easy to navigate. Tour was better than expected. Dee Dee was the best!

28 January, 2018 by Ms CRYSTAL GAWLOCKI on Grayline Tour

Wonderful winter experience.


Wonderful winter experience on a blustery cold day. Very informative and spunky, energetic guide. Excellent driver over some very slippery icy roads. Great sight visits. Learned a great deal for a person who has only seen less than ten episodes. Photos distributed on bus were very helpful.

26 January, 2018 by Mr donald howe on Grayline Tour


They offered 5% discount for online booking.

24 January, 2018 by Ms WAI P CHEUNG on Grayline Tour


wonderful tour, superbe landscapes and locations and the guide tour was super funny, in a very game of thrones mood and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

21 January, 2018 by Mrs Anna Cassano on Grayline Tour


Easy to book sent confirmation straight away

14 January, 2018 by Ms Thea Gahan on Grayline Tour


Trip was very well organised and the guide was hilarious, only negative place we stopped for lunch was not vegetarian friendly

13 January, 2018 by Ms Laura Jones on Grayline Tour

Game of Thrones Tour


Easy to book and select pick-up/drop-off location.

12 January, 2018 by Ms Cara Wychgram on Grayline Tour

Fun and informative


Online booking process was quick and easy - the description on the website gave us a good representation of the tour.

08 January, 2018 by Ms Donna Clark on Grayline Tour


Great tour (GOT) excellent host.

08 January, 2018 by Mr Vishwanath Mahabir on Grayline Tour

Fantastic Game of Thrones Tour


Dee, our guide on this wonderful tour, was fab! The locations were beautiful in winter...absolutely breathtaking! Highly recommend.

08 January, 2018 by Ms RACHEL WARD on Grayline Tour

Very Easy bookinng


Very Easy booking

31 December, 2017 by Ms Stephanie Fletcher on Grayline Tour

Get to see filming locations as promised


Interesting guide and see the filming locations

27 December, 2017 by Ms Deborah Ward on Grayline Tour


Well organised, enjoyable tour

19 December, 2017 by Mr Gary Zhang on Grayline Tour

Best experience we did!


We had a wonderful time with Theo on the Game of Thrones tour. Beautiful locations, fun commentary and stories, a great day!

17 December, 2017 by Ms Allison Casey Carr-Jones on Grayline Tour


It was amazing x Eric was a brilliant guide and we saw the lights !!! Can’t explain the experience it was just magical x Unfortunately my photo won’t load !!

06 December, 2017 by Mrs Samantha Cunningham on Grayline Tour

Great Service


Easy to use and great service.

01 December, 2017 by Mr Michael West on Grayline Tour


We enjoyed the tour!

29 November, 2017 by Mr George Lurenana on Grayline Tour


Very good and our guide DEE DEE was awesome person

28 November, 2017 by Mrs Arminder Dhanki on Grayline Tour

Well worth the experience.


Excellent guide and driver, in a well serviced and warm coach. The tour did not simply focus on GOT, but also gave interesting facts an Iceland too. It was my wife's birthday on the day of the tour and a good 4 inches of snow had fallen overnight, in the UK everything would have ground to a halt, but not there.

17 November, 2017 by Mr Gerrard Mitchell on Grayline Tour

We loved our guides!


Our tour guides were lovely! They were kind, funny, and knowledgeable about the show and about Iceland. I knew we would talk about GoT, but I didn't realize how much information we would also receive about Iceland, which was fascinating. My mom was with me on the tour, even though she doesn't watch GoT and had a great time herself. We talked about how great the guides were a couple of times later that night, we liked them so much.

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13 November, 2017 by Mr Mariah Bennett-Gillard on Grayline Tour


Very simple booking process!

11 November, 2017 by Ms Nica Wong on Grayline Tour

Easy to book


Very Easy

10 November, 2017 by Ms Tania Mortifee on Grayline Tour


Easy to book and the service is really efficient

24 October, 2017 by Mrs Deana Styles on Grayline Tour

Thanks for an excellent day in Iceland!


The tour was excellent with very exciting destinations and a brilliant guide:) Although she was not wearing the GOT costume as it is described in the tour overview, but she knew everything about game of thrones, fun staff and everything else :) She also gave very interesting information about the Iceland history, traditions, which makes this tour even more fascinating. We were listening to beautiful music on our way, have watched some scenes from GOT that were shoot in Iceland, while we were in the bus. The nature was perfect, the destinations well selected and not crowded at all, making our journey a perfection! Thanks for an excellent day in Iceland!

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18 October, 2017 by Ms Anahit Tamazyan on Grayline Tour


Easy to book on line

27 September, 2017 by Ms Sheila Adby on Grayline Tour


The pickup point was changed without our being informed. Only by luck did we manage to not miss the tour.

06 August, 2017 by Mr Samuel Scheiner on Grayline Tour



Excellent tour. Excellent guide. Highly recommended.

05 July, 2017 by Mr Philip Bennett on Grayline Tour


This Gray Line tour was excellent! The tour guide was very informative and entertaining. The bus was comfortable and the driver was great! It was a wonderful tour that I would definitely recommend to anyone, especially Game of Thrones fans!

03 June, 2017 by Ms Anna Caine on Grayline Tour

Great company, great tours and guides, would highly recommend them.


They were easy to book from and very helpful, professional, and prompt in answering questions.

02 June, 2017 by Mrs Kirsi Coppinger on Grayline Tour


It should have been cancelled since the weather was horrible.

31 May, 2017 by Ms Carrie Wasserman on Grayline Tour

Amazing tour!


The Game of Thrones tour was absolutely amazing! There were places they showed that I didn't even realize were filmed in Iceland. Our guide was very informative and entertaining. I wold definitely recommend this tour to others in the future!

30 May, 2017 by Ms Lauren Kennedy on Grayline Tour

Great guide- extra from Game of Thrones!


This tour was a highlight of our trip to Iceland! It was a good mix of game of thrones fun facts/locations and stories of life in Iceland as shared by our local tour guide and Game of Thrones extra, Theo. Similar to the show, this tour is not for children or those who are easily offended.

14 May, 2017 by Ms Marisa Feld on Grayline Tour

Amazing Scenery


Stunning scenery that is worth the trip even if you're not into the show.

02 May, 2017 by Mr David Slomkowski on Grayline Tour


Theo was amazing, the spots were breathtaking. The whole experience was fun.

22 April, 2017 by Mr Joy Mintiens on Grayline Tour

Awesome day out with like-minded Game of Thrones fans


The online booking process was straight forward.

18 April, 2017 by Ms Francine Slade on Grayline Tour


I thought the tour guide--theo?--was amazing!! Funny and great at what he does!

17 April, 2017 by Mrs brittany zelgowski on Grayline Tour


Fantastic tour!

14 April, 2017 by Mrs Stephanie Sheppard on Grayline Tour

Dreadful. Absolutely do not recommend.


I went on the Game Of Thrones tour and it was dreadful. The guide talked about himself (getting drunk, boobs) the vast majority of the time and I felt I was in a pre-pubescent boy's dream. I was expecting a tour of the sites used in Game Of Thrones. instead I received inappropriate jokes, childish humour, and constant anecdotes about the guide's experience as an extra. All well and good, but I didn't want to hear this and I certainly didn't want to hear such things as 'I love boobs, all boobs, but it's okay because they're attached to women, and women are people too.' Honestly, this is the worst tour I've ever been on and I've been travelling for over 40 years. The guide was sexist, racist, homophobic. As an example - he went on and on about how he enjoyed (pretending) to stab a six-year-old in the series, and it drove him to strive to stab others - seniors, the disabled. This man shouldn't be allowed out in public, let along as a tour guide. He called people idiots. He insulted every group imaginable. He made no attempt to get to know any of the members of the group - even though the group was small.

View more

12 April, 2017 by Ms christine davey on Grayline Tour

Nice Tour


It was very easy booking online.

07 April, 2017 by Mrs Nalindra Tutuko Yunashtanto on Grayline Tour

Tour guide made the whole tour. 5 stars.


We decided to book the tour last minute and were able to so easily. The tour guide was dressed as a Night's Watchman, which was excellent. The fact that he had been an extra and on site was very cool as well. He made quite a few jokes, he had stills from the show for each locale we went to and he had a great knowledge of the history as well as the show. We loved it so much we tipped him in USD because we didn't have any kr. The guide was the best part other than the beautiful scenery.

View more

03 April, 2017 by Mr Ian Downey on Grayline Tour


The guide was very knowledgable and has sense of humour.

01 April, 2017 by Ms Joanne Yang on Grayline Tour

Great experience to see filming sites and beautiful scenery


Booking was easy and seamless.

30 March, 2017 by Ms Sara Barua on Grayline Tour

Amazing tour I love it. The tour guide is the heart and soul of the Tour!!!


Amazing tour I love it. The tour guide is the heart and soul of the Tour!!!

28 March, 2017 by Mr Cesar Bejarano-Garcia on Grayline Tour

The guide was great however he should realize who his audience is. He talke...


The guide was great however he should realize who his audience is. He talked as if he was talking about his college buddies. Talking about sex, cursing and making racist, sexual, homophobic comments and jokes. I can't take a joke or two but there were just too many.

28 March, 2017 by Ms Tatiana Johnston on Grayline Tour

Excellent service by Gray Line Iceland


Easy booking experience, would definitely use again

25 March, 2017 by Ms Helen Cutajar on Grayline Tour

Grayline Experience


Easy to book online.

09 March, 2017 by Ms Kerin Miller on Grayline Tour

Swordbiter is the greatest tour guide of all time- fantastic tour


Game of Thrones tour is awesome!

08 March, 2017 by Ms Jaclyn Tenanes on Grayline Tour



Great fun, informative, beautiful sights. Mad tour guide was very fun, wish more tour guides were like him. Will definitely recommend.

04 March, 2017 by Mr Carl Johnson on Grayline Tour

Tour Guide Amazing


The Tour Guide was amazing. His insider information was worth the whole excursion.The scenery was stunning

27 February, 2017 by Mr Solanus Agrusa-Wittbrodt on Grayline Tour

Excellent service by Gray Line Iceland


Very easy to book this tour.

25 February, 2017 by Ms Melody Newkirk on Grayline Tour

All Men Must Die, But Go On This Tour First! Valar Mortourist!


Booking the tour online was a breeze.

24 February, 2017 by Mr John Pendleton on Grayline Tour

Excellent service by Gray Line Iceland


Really enjoyed the game of thrones tour!!! Our tour guide was awesome.

22 February, 2017 by Ms Suzette Lagua on Grayline Tour

Awesome Game of Thrones tour


Very organized tour, from start to finish. We had punctual pick-up from our hotel to our tour bus departure location, a knowledgeable and funny guide for our Game of Thrones tour, and drop off directly at our hotel. The Got your includes some beautiful locations, and it was awesome seeing some recognizable backgrounds from the show.

View more

13 February, 2017 by Ms Amanda Pascal on Grayline Tour

Had a good time


Nice visits Shame they are to fill up the day with unwanted horse visit.

12 February, 2017 by Mr Marc Hagege on Grayline Tour

Great tour, highly suggested!


The online booking system worked great and easy

06 February, 2017 by Mr Kevin Stephenson on Grayline Tour

Great and easy service


I booked the trip online the day before we went and everything went through smoothly

01 February, 2017 by Ms Amanda Lloyd on Grayline Tour

Email confirmations quickly sent through following purchase, if i had any q...


Email confirmations quickly sent through following purchase, if i had any queries regarding my bookings, I would email and receive a quick response back.

30 January, 2017 by Ms Rosie Sommerville on Grayline Tour

Excellent service by Gray Line Iceland


Easy booking

26 January, 2017 by Ms Sarah Feigelson on Grayline Tour

Fantastic tour guide and new vies to see


It worked, but I had to set my search criteria against for each search. If you set a timespan it should be kept.

26 January, 2017 by Mrs Gry Tinnesand on Grayline Tour

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